Streaming - How to watch TV series on the Internet?

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Watching TV series' on the internet is a popular past-time. For this, one does not need to download videos of the shows, because streaming the videos is quite enough. There are many sites that cater for streaming videos of the latest TV shows for free. It is always better to go for the legal sites for this purpose in order to avoid issues of piracy. The legal ones offer 'official content' and videos have better picture and sound clarity. YouTube, Daily Motion and Google Video are some of the sites on the internet from where legal streaming can occur.

Streaming is way of watching videos online instantly without downloading them first. There are, however, legal considerations when watching TV shows online.

Youtube, DailyMotion,Google Video

These sites are well known for offering official content to stream. In addition to being legal, these videos have the advantage of being good quality.



Other Links

Watch Series is a well known site for watching your favorite series. It is free and doesn't require registration. Thousands of series and new episodes are available to stream.


Legal constraints

Do not watch streaming series on unofficial websites. You risk breaching copyright law if you stream from these sites. This practice is, therefore, discouraged.