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How to Recover Deleted SMS from Nokia Phones

For users who have mistakenly deleted an important SMS from their phone, there is good news. The deleted SMS can be retrieved, but it is only possible on Nokia phones. With the 3rd edition Symbian phones made by Nokia, the retrieval process is easy.

The popular conception is that there is a code that can do the trick. But the reality is that through the download of FEExplorer, recovery of deleted SMS from Nokia phones can be accomplished.

How to recover deleted SMS from Nokia phones?

The following steps will show you how to recover messages deleted from a Nokia mobile. They will not work for any other make of phone.
  • Download FExplorer
  • Connect your phone to your PC
  • Run FExplorer
  • Browse your phone's directories
  • Open the System folder
  • Open Mail
  • Find folders named 0010001_s etc.
    • The files inside these folders contain deleted messages
  • Use FExplorer's in-built text viewer to view these files
  • Browse through the folders and open all files inside them until you get the required SMS

Note: This tip will not work on Nokia 3rd Edition Symbian phones.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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