Got problem with my Sandisk cruzer USB 4GB

Gary - May 28, 2009 at 11:14 AM
 tech - Jul 11, 2011 at 04:03 PM
Hello, I got Problem with my Sandisk cruzer USB 4GB. I was format my computer yesterday with my USB on, cuz I forgot unplug it. and after I format my computer my USB dosen't work anymore. The light still blinking but I can't open it. it comes out a message said,
"An error has occurred while initializing U3 Launchpad: Drive G is unavailable or unformatted. Please format the drive, remove and re-insert the U3 smart drive and try again."
i tried many ways to fix it. none of it works. Please help!!!! I got some important files in it.
by the way, I plugged my other USB into my computer, and it works. so, I think my computer is fine, only this USB not working. Is this broken or what? Once again... Please Help!!! Thank you.

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Look online for "PC Inspector File Recovery".
Using this you may be able to recover the files from the USB drive.
go to the disk management and there you will see an unallocated space , this space is of your pen drive . now create a volume and your cruzer will work.
But sorry to say tha the data in it will be formatted
go to windows accessories ms dos command run as administrator type diskpart
wait and the list volume
a list will show then shoose the number of the volume of ur usb sandisk for example
then type select volume " numeber here for example is 4 "
after that an answer will show u the volume then tape format and its done "
Well you can try this....
Am sure it will work..

1. Only on Linux Ubuntu
2. Insert the Drive and Go to System>Administration>Disk Utiliy.
3. Select your drive and click on create.

Dats all...
Hi I have a Sandisk cruzer USB 4GB and im locked out of it and can't access my data it is permanently inaccessible, and I was wondering if there was a way to recover my data.. HELP!
it works. ubuntu rocks
If you don't have ubuntu installed that is not a problem.
You only need to reboot your computer with a live CD.
You can download a live CD from here:

Have a good day