How to recover hacked Gmail account [Solved/Closed]

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recovery email and phone changed and hacker turned out to be someone I knew and she also stole my DL and old passport. Cloned my iPhone 6 such a helpful frenemy she was so kind to be helping me with getting service for my phone and computer I am on disability and she is a con artists for sure. I desperately need some help. I don't have a cell phone currently but have a landline. I will watch to see if someone responds so far Google has tried to get me at my recovery email but she has access to that account as well. I wish there was a way to talk to someone in Google's security dept . I don't know if I am supposed to leave email here or not .. thank you , Shurely
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Thank you

This is quite a sticky wicket has it seems that the criminal (hacking is a criminal offence) got control of everything, even your recovery address.

To recover your Gmail account I suggest this recovery link:

You should also try to recover your alternate recovery account.

There is no contact for Google, they could not handle the hundreds of thousands of calls or mail.

Good luck and let me know
Thank you so much I will try this I hope it works I will be sure to let you know THANKS again so much