Black screen but pc is running

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Guys I have a problem with my Dell laptop, when I turn it on then it says to chose safemode or to start normally.When I start choosing to start normally then it comes with the Windows logo and then it says welcome after that the screen appears
with Black screen but the Laptop keeps running. If take the safe mode option then it comes with different screen display, please can anyone give me a solution???

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What OS is this?

Choose normal mode, and when you get a blank screen, press WINDOWS KEy and R. Type in EXPLORER and hit enter. Does it load as normal now? If so, then you need to either:
1-uninstal the last thing that you installed, or
2-run sfc /scannow
3-disable some programs at startup.

Pick one, try it, and post back.
Thank u bro, it worked as you've said it fun to do impossible things but 1 problem how do I run scf/scanned?

Hit the window key, type in cmd....

Run as admin (right click over)....

type it in.