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 DanEvans -
Over the past few months, almost 1/2 0f the videos that were downloaded, (and did play) through Firefox, no longer play. This also includes any recient videos. I mainly have used VLC, (and tried online help), then purchased GOM, which wasn't much better. I've also tried 6 or 7 freeware programs which were of little help. Most MP4's, then FLV's, AVI's, and so on.
Could some one please help me out?
(I'm talking over 150 videos, saved over a long time).
Thank you

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Are these licensed videos? How is the video being created?
Thank you

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I'm not sure about that; they were downloaded from many sites.
Even half or more of the recent video clips do not play.
It's not only confusing, it's annoying.
I've dried most of the "fixes", but they don't work.
I've downloaded video players specifically for that file format, and even those don't work.
Yhere's much to explain, but this way.
Thanks dearly for the quick reply.
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Well, if they are licensed, and you don't "have" the licences, that is what is happening!
I can understand what you are saying. These videos download without any reference to needing a license, and they did play before.
My main staple is VLC, and I use video download helper. They do play wnen downloading, but usually not after.
That is, if I download 6 clips from the same source, 4 out of the six don't.
Again, I usually use VLC. Ont of the fixes online suggest changing a setting, but in the drop down area of choices, it just isn't there. I've also installed the VLC codecs. I also use GOM which did at one time play just some of them. I've;also tried freeware programs that are specific to the media type, again, thet don't work.
As I may have said earlier, at one time they all play.
Sometimes if I uninstall VLC, some do play, sometimes.
I've tried several "fixes", and some sites contradict suggested changes.
The last time I downloaded VLC, I found some areas tat also suggest changes; I'll try them out.
This is quite aggravating, and I thank you for you're help.
I did find one program that "fixed" all the videos, but when I clicked the change button, they wanted a license key.
When I went to their site, they wanted 65 pounds for it, which is about $120.00, even though it was labelled as shareware.
All of this is just FYI.
Thank you again