Vista home edition - not booting..

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Wednesday May 13, 2009
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June 1, 2009
 armpowermy -

I have Hp compaq with genuine Vista home edition.

I cant reboot my laptop.. not even by pressing F8 or F11 or any other switch.. it shows disk error and some technical error.. and down to that it shows memory dignose... i m able to dignose the memory however it seems it doesnt have ny problem..

before this.. i have already recover vista for 6 to 8 times...n i dont get the option of recover ..

i dont get any option.. what am i supposed to do??
its jst shows some technical error and hard disk error..!!

what could be the possible reason and how can i start my laptop???

plz help!!!

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Thursday May 7, 2009
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June 13, 2009

go to the BIOS and check if hard disk is enabled.
set the boot order to boot from DVD drive first.
make sure thet the installation disk is free from dirt and scratches.
i dont have the original vista home edition dvd as it has come with my laptop...
i had a recovery drive on my laptop n i used to recover from that drive..

so do i have ne option left??? or do i have to buy another original pack??