Volume control settings for Aspire one

 Jaime -
i just got an aspire one (aka an acer) laptop for my birthday. since my dad is out of town and he's the one who knows more abt my gift than me i'll hav to ask all of u ppl. Wher the heck is the volume control button? all I hav on my icon bar is sum Realtek audio manager. i've tried tht but I think its just some weird extra thing for my comp. i'm usually not this dumb abt computers but i'm in a fix. help.

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hold the FN key on left side..and use the up down arrow keys below shift on the right side
Thank you

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Cheers Andrew it was doing my head in trying to figure this out lol :-)
I have the same computer. Try using the keypad volume control. If that doesn't work, IDK!!!!! Hope that helped a little. Good LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You've just fixed my issue, Andrew! Thanks :)
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it seems u have some problem with your driver
either u have not installed the driver
or u are using xp so it needs different driver
u should download driver from acer site it is free