RCA cambio can’t get internet or Wifi access [Closed]

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My tablet/ notebook was working perfectly. I stopped using it for almost a week then when i tried to use it it said no internet connections available. I tried to connect through Bluetooth but still nothing. I reset the whole tablet on manufacturer setting still mothing. Its so depressing what to do??

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I think this relates to some kind of hardware problem. Some time ago I purchased a laptop from Vaio company. After two days the camera of the laptop was not in working condition and gave an error. Then I went to retailer shop and claim the warranty and they replaced the laptop. So, I think if the problem is still there in your tab then you should check your tab to a good technician and If your tab is in the Warranty then claim the warrant without wasting any time.

OK, bluetooth is not a WIFI transport. Has someone changed the WIFI password, perhaps? Do other devices still connect?