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i am not able to connect N95 8GB mobile cam as a webcam to mine laptop which is bluetooth unabled please help me in this.

help me in connecting mine mobile camera as PC webcam using USB cable not with Blue tooth.

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Hi !


1 Web : add a "web" name it to "aircelnet"
proxy : enable
proxy port "8080"
proxy address ""
packet data acc. pt." aircelwap"

At the same add a "access point" to use mobile applications like opera & yahoo

2 Access point : name it to "Aircel"
Packet data acc. pt. "aircelweb"

3 To use in PC suite

Select the modem type first, Bluetooth or datacable

Then in the 2nd page to select the network operator, the 2nd one that is "Configure the connection manually"

Then in the next page write in the access point fill in the box "aircelweb" & other all left blank

hope This will help you, Thank You. Vikash

Thank you, Api 12

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Check the following to connect your phone and hwo to use it as a webcam