Trying to record data next to date cells for today

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Basically what I am looking to do is to record the minutes and seconds of each call taken manually and then where the dates are, I want it to record the information - as I work during those dates. So yesterday it would've recorded the number of seconds spent on the phone and then it would've stopped recording that information in the respective cells when the day ended and go to the next cell in succession to record the respective day's data.

Does any of this make sense? I can figure out all of the other formulas for this sheet but this one. I'm not very Excel savvy but I've been trying to figure this one out for a couple days with no luck. Hopefully, someone can help me? Thank you!

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You are using Excel to store data, that is not what it is intended to do. Not only that, I am confused by what you are trying to log, and what final product you wish to have when it is done. Are you wanting to calculate total seconds?

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