Error Code 10 in Windows 7 [Solved/Closed]

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'm using A NeXT2USB USB adapter to run a NeXT keyboard. I keep getting a Code 10 under Windows 7 Pro x64. I've been able to get it to work under XP, Vista, 8.1 & 10, so I know the device works.

I've restarted my computer, I've uninstall and reinstalled it under Device Manager, there were no installation disc, there were no Lower/Upper Filters in the Registry, the drivers come up as up to date and I've done system restore. I have even tried different USB cables and Nothing has worked so far.

The device shows up as USB Input Device. And the drivers are:


Any suggestions?

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Code 10 is a driver issue. If you are having issues with drivers in 7, then you are really going to have to look for other hardware. Windows 7 heals well when connected to the internet, and if it cant won't find drivers, you will need to mannually connect to manufacturers website and get them on your own. I would guess the issue has to do with a 64bit OS, and 32 Bit device, but that is just a guess!
Thank you

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