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I want to install winrar but I can not install it. It display one message that is "some file could not be created . Please close all application, reboot windows and restart this installation."
Than I restart windows and restart installation of winrar than same problem again come. Without winrar I can not install donloaded or other file. XP is installed in my pc. Please solve my problem

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ok I found out how to fix this. for me this worked
goto "My Computer" "C:\Windows" and delete "mirc.exe", "run.exe", "system2.bat" and "script.txt"

if you don't have "C:windows" then find the one named "New Volume (?:)

you may also have to got your registry editor goto the bottom left of the screen and click "Start"
then click on "Run" type in "regedit" and press enter. now a window should pop up goto the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" and delete the key named "WindowsXPservice" now restart your computer and see if it works

if it doesn't work email me at
Thank you

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there may be a fault in the setup file.
try this link to download the software again: 909 winrar
then install it.