Evrytime I open a new tab my internet freezes

jaymiyan - Updated on Jun 17, 2018 at 12:50 PM
 Acidrain - Dec 11, 2017 at 06:02 PM
help me please my internet freezes evrytime I open a new window or a new tab at my internet and when I upload a video or a picture or anything that needs to be uploaded my computer freeze but it only freeze for a few seconds and it will resume on uploading help me please tell me what to do your advices will be treasured thank you..

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Hi all,

The problem comes from the cocktail of the new Kaspersky 10 + new Java 2 SSV Helper.

They create a very annoying "bug" delaying the opening of new windows/tabs in Internet Explorer. The issue does not seem to occur on other web browsers than Internet Explorer.

Just deactivate Java 2 SSV Helper:

(for IE8):
Tools > Options > Programs Tab > Manage Add-ons > Java Plug-In 2 SSV Helper (from Sun Microsystem) > Disable

Alternatively you can use another web browser (such as Firefox (good and very common) or Opera (very good but not much common), both are free) or eventually get another Antivirus (avoid Norton Anti-virus - expensive and irreliable, BitDefender is a good alternative to Kaspersky).

Hopefully Kasperky and/or Sun Microsystem will work on this bug in the near future. Hopefully...
Yes, you are completely right ciberyo. Kaspersky 2010 & Windows 7 is horrible! I uninstalled it completely, and I installed the free Avast security; Now my PC is super super faster, as I just installed a fresh Windows 7.
Well done, that fixed my problem too, been irritating me for weeks, it had just suddenly started on my home & work pc.
Thanks! - seems to have fixed our problem as well!!
i deactivated the Java plug-in but the problem seems to persist.. I am not using Kaspersky too.
What do you think could be the problem?
Thanks! Mine were already disabled but Avast was Enabled, as soon as I disabled it worked. :-)
hi.. thank u first of all. just I typed my prob in browser that my browsers hangs when I opened multiple/single tab. now I got soln .. it s we should diable t java plug-in's. for that wwe should go to control panel/manage add-on's..
I recommend uninstalling your firefox and install a new one. It really works! try it!
no,just disable add ons causing problems