Acer Aspire V - Wont connect to wifi [Closed]

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I am having problem my laptop acer aspire v wont connect to my wifi. It works with other wifi's but the one in my house it doesnt.

I dont know what to do i tried to restart the router or disable/enable the wifi in network connections in laptop control panel. I also tried the forget and write lassword again but none of these simple methods are working and I have no idea what to do.

If anybody can help i would be grateful.

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What indication do you have that it is failing? Go into your networks and delete all of them! Try and connect to it then. Can any other device connect to the house? What has changed?

Why acer laptop not show the wifi and how can i connect the wifi
Lets guess. Its not on. Wrong password. Hidden ssid and you cant find it. Your network device is old and the router is broadcasting a newer protocol.

We can keep guessing. It is probably best that you provide some details regarding your situation. If the above post did not help you, you may want to think about opening your own post!