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my headphones are functioning very well but when I put them in the laptop i dont hear sound from them yet I instead hear sound from the speakers. what could be the cause and how to I go about it?

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Are these actual headphones, or do they have a MICROPHONE with them? Can you use them for a phone conversation (what is that?) on your mobile? If you can, then you are using the WRONG type of headphones in your PC! Post back, and I will explain!
I received your reply but my problem wasn't solved , its true that i use the headphones/ earphones in the mobile phone to receive /make calls as well as listening to music. so whats the way forward?
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Get a regular pair of headphones. the pair you are using has a physical connection for the mic, and the jack for the headphones does not have that connecrltion so it isnt making a connection to the speakers! New pair for listening and no mic is in order!
The earphones are fine because when i try putting them in the other laptop they function but in mine they don't function. So I think the problem might be on the laptop and not the earphones
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OK, lets look at it like this: Headphones cost $5. Repair cost start at probably $125. Which is cheaper to see which it is?

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