Having problems with sound on Windows 10 [Solved]

Hi! I hope someone can help me, I'm really stressed by now. So I have a problem that a lot of people had already but their solutions dont work for me. When I connect my headphones to the jack the sound keeps coming from the speakers. I've tried everything that i've seen in the internet: going to the sound window, updating drivers, downloading drivers from the laptops manufacturer, everything. Something that is weird is that if i turn on my laptop with the headphones plugged in the sound comes from them and now if I disconnect them the sound switches to the speakers after a while (not instantly as it should be) but after that if i connect the headphones again it doesnt switch.
At this point i just gave up but im hoping if some of you guys can help me. Thank you :)
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Thank you
Perhaps the headphone jack is your problem. You don't state the age of the laptop. Over time the jack will deteriorate as the contacts and spring in the metal parts lessen.
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I've had this pc for 7 months haha. And somehow my problem is solved. I dont know what I did but it works fine now. Anyway, thanks for your help :)
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