Please help!!! Folder in USB disappeared

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Hello all,
I need some help! My folder in the USB drive disappeared. So, here is what happens, I was doing my Indesign work and saved it, and also created a pdf version of it. I spend about 12 hours on them. The Indesign file and PDF files are in the same folder, they all look good. So, I plug out the USB drive and the next morning, when I trying to print the pdf, I couldn't find the folder! The whole folder just like ghost disappeared. So my first thought was to see if the folder was in other location, I tried to search the name of the folder and pdf file, they appeared on the search bar of the start menu. But, when I try to open the file location, it appeared the file address is not correct! I also tried to use recovery software, but they don't have any record.

I have tried to uncheck the checkbox "Hide protected operating system files" and selected the option "Show hidden files and folders". I also tried to run the cmd attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* method and dir /ah g: method. But unfortunately, they are not working.

I think I didn't accidentally delete it because it will appear when I use file recovery software.
Please help!!!

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OK< so use the recovery software to get the file.
Thank you

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Thank you for your input!I have tried to use the recovery software called Recuva I think?But it didn't even show the files, so I think the folder was not caused by accidentally deleted.