Remove Closed location from snapchat

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I have been looking on to find a way or an article which address issue related to perminently closed location on snapchat. I have been tasked to get few location to be deleted from Snapchat which do not exsist any more.

I have tried snap chat FAQ but doesnt have any section whcih address issue related to permenently closed location which still show after months of place being closed. as a resort user still use old location for snapchat which is not good.

How can these location be deleted. When i used and if you will search for "St Regis Dubai" you will notice it still show this location which was closed few months back.

I am not sure from where snapchat pull these location as they dont exsist on Google Map.

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Oct 11, 2018 at 05:13 PM
So you work for Snapchat? I am not certain you can do anything about their back end data, and where they farm it!