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Hi people.
The problem arose when I was in school and I transferred the file that was supposed to get grade on that day for the school and i cut/paste it from school computer on my USB .
I already had a lot of stuff on the USB itself, but not enough to overload USB ...
I do not know what happened ...
1. I put the USB into school computer ...
2. he worked...
3. next I cut/paste the pdf file to usb
4. then made new folder to separate with all the other things I had in place,
5. I transferred other things in the new folder and left a separate file which I was supposed to hand over ...

and the next time I tried to put the USB into a computer it was no longer registered in no way (and believe me I'm not a idiot who did not try to go to the device manager to uninstall and reinstall all Generic USB Hubs and all other youtube tricks )

I even checked the USB hardware if something did not move or deformed, hihi....and of course it was not, USB look just fine....
I just noticed from the moment I began to repair the USB, USB started to get really hot any time i plug it in my laptop

I have Kingston Data Traveler G4 (16GB)

Anyone who has some idea what's going on and how to fix this?
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Thank you
"I am no idiot.."

Only a fool would choose to cut rather than copy.

USB pen drives aka flash memory are good for transferring data and such. But, I wouldnt store important documents on to it. Flash drives are very suseptable to stop working.

if you cannot read the USB on any device then your option is to pay a recovery company to restore your data.

next time use something like Google Drive.

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Tuesday November 6, 2018
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November 6, 2018
Thanks for advice, I am rarely stupid this much...
thats why is called "USB idiot" its logical.... I am idiot with USB....well...not anymore...I dont have usb
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