PC freezes on Bios screen or on loading Windows

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Sunday November 25, 2018
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November 25, 2018
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i hv intel dh77eb mobo with core i5 3rd generation processor and nvidia qudro p400 graphic card using in simple atx cabinet. my pc freezes sometimes on bios then offfs. sometimes windows is loading again freezes then offs. sometimes windows get loaded desktop appers then again offs. sometimes mobo led blinking then offs. sometimes led stables again bios appears. i tried reseting bios. disconnecting alll parts again same problem. but strange is when pc turns off wired cut sound comes from smps. i am using 230v smps. if there is heating problem then nothing is hot i am using 2 extra fans. no heating message on next boot. plz help i cant understand whether is problem with smps/psu or mobo. i tried also with disconnecting graphic card and hard disk but again same problem. plz help me

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Hi Pranav,

You can try the solutions described on this link.

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