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So my sound quit working while I was in mid game of Fornite. I have updated my drivers and checked windows auto, everything there is set. I check my devices and my computer says they are working normally. There were no problems when I did a troubleshoot, it says everything is great. When run sound test my audio bars show sound is coming. But in both my speaker and headphones, I hear nothing. I tested both speakers and headphones on other devices and they both work. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this?

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 71.0.3578.80

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Please help us with some additional information. What type of device are you using and which operating software? Also, when you do an audio test do you hear sound coming from your device's speakers? You should also check that the audio port on your device is working. Try to plug in another headphone or a speaker to test it.

Let us know if you still require help!

Running Windows 10 on a hand made system with real Tek audio sound. The headphones are a gaming set with a microphone. The microphone works but the headphones don't. Niether do my speakers. I'm beginning to believe it may be that particular port. It doesn't show headphones in the manage audio devices box. It just says speakers. Nothing is on mute. When I go through the trouble shooter, it says that the device wasn't set as the default device and that it was fixed. But still no sound.
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OK, well is the SET USB, or MINI din? Are you pluggin them into a colored port, like green or pink? Let is know if they are USB. If they are, try going to the manufacturer of the headset, and get the drivers for your operating system!

If you were to open DEVICE manager, and find AUDIO there any YELLOW triangles? If so, post back!