I cant see the video

 Khalysto -
my Windows Media Player is not playing my downloads I can hear the audio? but I cant see the video?
but it will play music videos but will not play movie or shows please help

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Do to https://divx.com/en/software/divx/ and download divx, install all the components and your problem will be solved on Windows Media Player.
this worked for me ......
Thank you so much, it worked for me.
Divx didn't fix mine either: sony vaio, pcg-k33, windows XP. I can hear sound but no video.The same problem with media player, vlc player and divx player !? Anything else to try?
Now I can. I installed Xvid codecs...
I restored my system last week after that I missed some files and now I can't watch videos on my laptop, I can't watch any video from youtube nor from any other websites I searched google and installed Divx player everything but still am unable to watch videos. When I tried to watch express tv I can hear only audio but can't watch video.
could you help me out this of problem please.
thank you
I can't see any video on my computer ,dvd movies,downloaded movies, but I can here the audio, and ive tried everything . what do I do to fix this problem. I have windows xp home edition sevice pack 2. is it something I can download or adjust on my computer
how do I get video to work, I already have audio???
try watching music videos on iSeeVid


it should work with adobe flash player 10

you need to install a codec in your computer.

Codec Name is Intel Video Codec.

Download this and install, Your problem will be solved.........................
> vinoth
I did it but it did not work. I installed this. https://www.free-codecs.com/download/indeo_codec.htm

Still no video.
I have tried to find a solution for months, and this worked for me too. Thank you so much.
I can't see any video anywhere, only audio,do you have an answer?
Right click on video, click on "Network" tab. Make sure "Use ports 7000-7007" is checked
I checked use ports 7000-7007 and sure enough it worked. I'm just wondering how it got unchecked? Any ideas?
what do you mean "right click on video"? on the actual video clip itself? I did, and theres no "network" tab.

If you go to the "Now Playing" tab on top and click it, you should see "More Options". Once you click that, you can find the Network tab and check the appropriate box.
Wow, a simple solution, that worked for me too, Thanx :)
thanks it worked for me. cheers
in my windows player I cant see pictures only sounds coming out
Windows Media player doesn't support Mpeg files, which is a very common DVD/video file.
you have buy some codec, which IMO is stupid. I'd rather buy a stack of DVDR and just burn the video file to DVD to watch on my DVD player. Just because I can't see it in WMP doesn't mean it aint there. Burn it, then watch it.
Thats what I do.
@ mongo boy does it work if its avi
You need to gey a AVI converter or codec. Windows media donst have a codec for AVI's. The best ive tried is Media Clasic Player
i cant see video on windows media player
Well, it didn't work for me. I cannot see any video when opening a stand-alone video file in any media program, Real Player, WMP, Quik Time, NOTHING. Frustrating as hell. Running XP
Go to the settings of your player. There should be a checkbox, something like "Interlace". Uncheck it and try.
install vlc mediyaplayer
Problem Solved ....:)!
I found that if you are trying to play an mp4 file Windows Media Player it will not play some formats and it would play movies with no sound(mp4)

I found to answers to 2 problems I had. I am using XP and IE 6.

For the sound I would try www.videolan.org a free program. I could not see vidoes on the net like fancast etc.

Down load a free full version of KLite -codec. It has many codec that video and audio need to play.


Try it.
I looked for this setting in all of my media players and couldn't find this setting anywhere. Even a "help" search on the word "interlace" pulled up nothing.
DivX Worked for me!! Thanks! :D
This Divx program also worked like a charm for me as well. Everything automaticall converted and I was watching my movies within minutes of downloading. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!!!
I had the same problem and had tried everything. All it took was a simple download of DiVX and I'm fixed. I can watch movies to my hearts content, and it keeps the children quiet. Thank you very much for your assistance.
Extract The File(Video) To The Divx Movie Folder And Go to the Folder And Play the Movie From There.
It Should Play on WMP. It Worked For Me And I hope It Works for you guys. Oh Yeah Download Divx If you Dont Got it.
Open the link or file in Gom player - you will see the same issue (no display). Now simultaneously play the link or file in windows media player or VLC, it will play in both.

Strange that Gom player fails to play the file, however its codecs help WMP and VLC to play.
Also note that if we select Gom player to use its internal codecs for ASF files, the files wont play. The default settings of selecting the codecs automatically works.

Hope someone more techie can crack this and give us a solution.
hey bro I had the same problem download sumthing calld k lite codec pack from file hippo
Installing DivX 5.2 solved the problem for me. Thank you all for help.
Thanks, just worked for me too.
Thank you all, that crazy DiVX worked for me too!
dude divx worked! thanks so much :)
divx worked thanks so much