Facebook account disappeared

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My old Facebook account just disappeared and there are pictures that are lost.

System Configuration: Android / SamsungBrowser 7.4

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My Facebook Account Disappeared. How Can I Get It Back?
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IF the above link did not help, there is probably nothing anyone can do!
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What message do you receive when you try to log in?

It’s possible that your account was disabled. If so, you will need to confirm your identity. You can find instructions to get started here. This process will take between 10-15 days.

Let us know if you are still having problems.

Help Facebook account solve
This happened to me too & I got my profile back immediately after I logged out and logged in. You could follow these steps:

Go to FB Home page
Click on the 3 horizontal lines
Scroll to the bottom: Click Log out

Log in to FB
Your profile will appear.

Good luck!

I tried to log in to my acount but they sent a new password for sms in not have that how I do to send the password for mesenger

I not have sms

I tried that one and nothing not let me log in
Help me facebook account.