D-link DIR-615 won't connect

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my router wont connect to the internet. wan cable is plugin and everything else works, but it wont connect.
i get a connection with my old router though.
when I go to the configuration-interface and click on 'status' it says 'cable status: not connected'

does anyone have an idea?

Wireless N Router - DIR-615
firmware 2.26DEb01

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you need to configure the router.

try thislinkt o get information about how to do this:


this is the oficial website.
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you have the install cd you might have to set the router to default and to do this take your router and a paper clip and on the back of the router there is a small hole push one end of the paper clip and hold it for 20 seconds and the router will reset its self. Be sure to leave the router on during this time. When this is done tale the install cd and reinstall password is 0000 and user name is admin. this should take care of the problem of connection. Them on your computer go to connections and reconnect computer to router
I had the same issue. Just update your firmware again.
After you update your firmware, make sure to delete any connections in your computer that you have associated with that router, then try to reconnect.
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My firmware checking button is not working, can you provide the link to download the firmware?

Also,may I ask how to delete connections?> thanks in advance =)
I moved my wireless router from one site to another home with a DLink switch connected to comcast broadband and nothing reaches the router
I was about the flush this POS down the toilet when I came across DD-WRT firmware option. please google it and follow instructions on how to use their firmware. all my problems are resolved. its amazing how a 3rd party firmware works perfectly and dlink's blows.. do yourself a favor never buy a dlink router again.
This particular router MAKES you run the cd installation routine. I actually had to utilize a spare laptop hard drive which contained a copy of windows xp because I run linux, and my client windows vista machine was suffering from the same problem you are having. I find this router to be a complete piece of garbage honestly. I miss the old days when you could take a router out of the box, plug in the ethernet cables and power cycle the cable modem.... and BAM you would be online. Not any more.
The companies that make these POS garbage routers have agreements with microshaft to enforce the installation of the proprietary firmware. Anyway, the fix is that you have to INSTALL the router's firmware from a windows xp machine , but only the first time, after the initial DHCP the router seems to be able to handle things as if it were not a piece of crap. Installing from any other OS besides windows xp, you will not be online PERIOD.

good luck