Wireless router connected but no internet

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my sons laptop will not connect to internet I have ipconfig all it says this request requires elevation
also the media is disconnected iam not computer liturate can anyone help
System Configuration: windows vista laptop

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I have a belkin wireless router connected to the modem, somehow recently I am connected to the wireless router but I do not have any internet. I followed these steps and I was back online. I believe somehow the wireless router lost the dns server info from the modem.
  • 1). Disconnect the wireless router from the modem.
  • 2). Power off the modem.
  • 3). Connect the wireless router to the modem.
  • 4). Now power up the modem.

Now try to disable/enable the wireless connection and reconnect, you should be able to access the internet.

Hope this works for all of you
I had same issue with Belkin N150. It was solved instantly after following your steps. Thanks a lot
it worked ty ty ty ;)
thanks man
Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!!
Make sure DHCP is enabled on your wireless router. Mine somehow became disabled when a new highspeed connection was installed (new ISP).
1. Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar.

2. Click Run... on this menu.

3. If the computer is holding a current IP address, type 'cmd' (without the quotes) in the text box that appears. A command prompt window appears on the screen.

4. Type 'ipconfig' (without the quotes) to view the status of the computer's IP address(es).

5. If the computer is holding a current IP address, type 'ipconfig /release' to let go of the address.

6. Type 'ipconfig /renew' to obtain a new IP address (whether or not the computer is holding a current address).

I took it from http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/23807-18-access-router-internet


It solved my problem :)
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search for available wireless networks first.
right-click on the wireless icon in the taskbar.