Laptop Won't Connect to Net via DLink Router

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Hello all,

I have a wireless network established in my house with 3 latops accessing. Two of my laptops (IBM and HP) can access the internet with no issues. The third (Compaq Presario) did work once upon a time but has stopped doing so. When the laptop starts up it quickly detects the router and starts connecting. It spends a minute or so "acquiring the network address") - it then gets a "limited or no connectivity" message briefly before changing to 'Excellent'. Interestingly the connection speed on the Compaq sits about 2mb whereas the other laptops connect at 24mb to 54mb. Addtionally, Skype can connect every now and then (the system tray icon turns green) and very occasionally I can bring up google - it suggests there is some connection but it is completely unuseable.

When I access the router web page all 3 latops are showings as DHCP clients on IPs thru .4. The Compaq is the latter connection. They router is set to dynamically allocate IPs and the TCP/IP settings on all laptops appear to be correct (obtain IP / DNS Automatically).

I have scoured this (and other forums) for a few days and tried several things. I've seen several helpful people provide excellent advice in this forum and am hoping someone could do the same for me.

Regards, McTav.

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im tring to conect to the internet via my wireless router but all I get is status conected at 54mps exelent signal you are conected acquiring network address but it never gets there it just sits there but never conects to the internet ?