Unable to access internet

 Hayssam -
Hi , I have A problem om Android tv box , that I can’t connect remote control with box android tv , because there is unable to access internet , although there is internet connection . Please help how we can solve the problem

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So, let me see if I understand this: the remote wont connect to the tv because there is no internet? Is there a wifi network available? What is it called?
I have A xiaomi mi box Android tv , that I can’t connect it with WiFi router . I have no problem with another iPhone , tv or pc . Just only on Android tv box
I guess not. I can see that are about ten videos on youtube that explain how to get it connected. No sense in reinventing the wheel if someone has already made a video of it. So do you need me to paste some links to them?
Yes , if you can it will be great help from you
I had tried and tried without result , before it is coming ( unable to access internet ) and now (android system update ) in my tv , what’s this ???
Hi , how to update android box on philips smart tv
Or how to update android box system in Philips smart tv
What error do ypu get?
I don’t understand, what do you mean ?
That you can explain my problem , which I faced in my Android box to internet tv connection
Hi , How do we can update android box system on tv
Is there any networks already configured? If so, delete all of them, and start a new one, even if it is named the same thing as previous.
Where did you buy it? Did it come with a set of instructions?
I am trying to paste links but it seems they are blocked......
Go to youtube, and in search nar type "android mi tv connect to wifi".

I cannot link to them!