Disable update version popup for CCleaner

 Josiebotz -
I don't need to stop "alerts" since I don't get them. What I want to stop are the popups to install the latest version. How do I get rid of that? It is the most annoying aspect of CCleaner which ran great up until a couple of months or so ago. I check for newer versions as I want and don't need to have to X out that damn box all the time.

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Uninstall it! Download it when you need it!!! If you have to use ccleaner more than one time a month, then you need to evaluate how you are using and downloading free programs....
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ac3mark is correct. Anyway, ccleaner does not really update, it's just their way of advertising and considering their paid version.
Thanks. If that's the only way to stop those popups I'll uninstall.