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I bought a used extra monitor, a HP Lp2475w but it doesn't seem to work properly. I have tried HDMI and it finds it when searching for input but doesn't give any picture. Only once when trying like 50 times I got a picture but only for one second. I have also tried DVI and it always says it finds the input just like with the HD I but I only get picture 1 in 10 times, and when I get it, it runs good.

There is nothing wrong with the computer. I have tried it with other monitors without any issues.

I don't know its relevant but the power light on the new monitor kind of changes in intensity sometimes. Like flashing or blinking sometimes.

I've tried factory reset but it doesnt help. Now what?

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If it works but not all of the time, it is a bad monitor, or a cable is bad. Try different cables, but it sounds like the monitor is bad, by the fact that it does the same thing on two different inputs. Monitors cannot be repaired by the end user. Get another one!
Thanks man. I just bought it and the motherfuc won't take it back.
That sucks! Take it to a pawn shop and take a loan out on it, and abandon it!!!
I assume a pawnshop would check if it works first... And we don't have those in my country. But I will get my revenge from the mf.
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Yea they would check it, but it might be the one time it works!! And for this reason never purchase pc parts from a pawn shop!!!

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