ITunes doesn't recognize my ipod.

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One day iTunes kept bugging me to upgrade it, so I decided to do it because I was so annoyed. When I upgraded it, my ipod was not connected. Next time I went to sync it, itunes didn't even seem to recognize it. My computer showed that it was there, but my itunes didn't recognize it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling itunes and I tried to "redo" my ipod service properties. It still didn't work. But when I went to plug in my dad's ipod it showed up on itunes fine. I'm guessing the problem lies in my actual ipod and I need help fixing it!

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I had a similar problem with my 2g Ipod Touch after upgrading to Itunes 9.2. After quite a bit of searching I found this and it worked as soon as I finished. Apparently something got messed up with the driver and it was seeing my ipod as a camera so you have to update the driver. Follow the steps below.

1 open the device manager or windows button + r is run and then type devmgmt.msc

2 look for the portable devices and find the apple ipod or wherever that is listed on your pc.

3 once u find the apple ipod do a right click on it and click on update driver software

4 take the manual option or browse on my computer and then look for this folder on your computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

there should be the driver that itunes recognize and your windows wont recognize your ipod as a camera again but I repeat u have to make sure u have installed the apple mobile device support u can get it by extracting the itunes+quicktime package using winrar. so click on update or next what ever on the update process and next time itunes will open your ipod for syncing
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hey I followed all the steps up to #4 where I get kind of confused. there is more than one folder in that C:\Program Files\... and how do I find "the driver that itunes recognize"?
thank you soooo much man. urs advice is the only one that worked
Thank you sooo much. I thought my IPod was broken, but your advice helped me through it!
Thank You!

lol I thaught lol apple is trying to make people think that their iPod is broken and they need to go buy a new $400 one wouldn't surprise me it is apple u know
If I opened iTunes and then plugged in my iPod, iTunes would freeze. If I plugged my iPod in first, iTunes would not open. I found a solution.

Close everything except Windows. Plug in your iPod. Open Task Manager (Ctl-Alt-Del). Click on the Processes tab. Close all processes that have anything to do with iPod or iTunes e.g., ipodservice.exe, AppleMobileDevice etc. It is essential that all these are closed. Close Task Manager. After a minute or so, open My Computer. Your iPod should show up as a Removable Disk. Close My Computer. Open iTunes. Your iPod should show up under Devices after about 45 seconds.
you turn off your iPod then
1. Hold the power button for 3 sec.
2.Without releasing the power button hold down the home button for ten seconds
3. Release the power button and hold home button for 30 seconds.

This puts your iPod in DFU mode and itunes should then recognize it.