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I have an ipod shuffle, the last time I was about to recharge it on my notebook but I was surprised that my computer is not even detecting it.It wont charge it wont appear on my comp folder, I tried rbooting my comp at no avail, I used a couple more diffrerent comp but its the same.Please Help Me....
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This happened to me a while back, too. Strangely enough, right after I had updated Windows.
I didn't really fix it at all... intead I just ended up completely reinstalling windows, which made the problem go away altogether.
Now, after some googling once I saw your topic, I found this:

The solution is to make sure you stop the usb device prior to unplug, not just ejecting from itunes but stopping the usb itself.

How to fix:
Turn off computer.
Plug ipod into usb.
Then you must reset your ipod... don't worry it won't wipe anything out.
To reset move the hold button ( on top of the ipod) once to hold then back to original position.
Then press and hold the center button and the top menu button at the same time for 6 seconds.
Start computer and it should install the usb driver for the ipod automatically.
Your I pod will say do not unplug so don't. then open itunes and it will be there.
Just remember to not only eject ipod from itunes but stop usb.
Go to the program icons near the clock and right click the usb icon and "safely remove hardware" will appear and click it.
Stop it and select "apple ipod".

I'm not sure if this worked for the person who had orginally requested help, but there were no posts after the suggestion, leaving me to assume that it did.
Give it a try?
This is a answer I found . I think it help you !!!!!

Thank you, SEO 88

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thanx u I got it now I am enjoying my ipod
Thanks! it worked for me. :)
Yeyi... I worked for me wonderfully well.. Thank you.. :)
Awesome...ur the best!! thanks
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What does SP3 means? I have the same problem. and dunno how to solve this.
help me please. appreciate a lot.
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i am having the same problem with an ipod nano on my macbook.. try restarting your ipod.. and resetting your comp. make sure your software is updated, and if you have to...delete all the songs on your ipod and just sync it again..but since it can't be recognized..idk what to do. try looking up for help on google.. sorry just try that :/
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You should try a different USB connector.You should contact Apple and say whats wrong.Or go onto the internet and try and download itunes again.

Thats all. GOOD LUCKx

lisa age 10
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I have an older ipod it is a second generation it used to hook up to my computer. when I went to put music on it told me I had to download an older version of itunes so I did and now it does nothing
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since you used the iPod on several computers, and the problem still remains,
it seems that your iPod is faulty.
contact your Apple dealer.
thank you oceane122, that's what im thinking as well, but I've heard that this is a common problem with ipods and that there's actually a work aroung on this.hopefully someone would help me how to do it in details.
thanks again buddy.
sharpman > PIERRE - May 24, 2009 at 07:34 AM
I too had the trouble with Ipod shuffle 2nd gen. as given item to populate with songs for a friend who does not have a computer.
got the usual 'will not connect, can't reset to factory settings etc.

My fix was as follows ( My Computer is a PC running XP Pro sp3)

* removed all itunes, ipod software.
* shut pc down.
* rebooted PC, downloaded the reset software from the apple website.
installed this.
* connected my shuffle.
* checked that it was being picked up by checking the safeley remove hardware icon. It appeared under
USB Mass Storage Device (Apple iPod USB Device) .
* next I loaded up disk management from with in computer management.
the Ipod appeared as iPod in the volume window at top. go to the window at the bottom and right click to
format the ipod (did mine in fat32). next right click on drive again and allocate a drive letter to it. one at the
top end of the alphabet is easier. Your shuffle should now be recognised by the computer in the my
computer folder.
* Next start up the IPOD RESET Software that was downloaded and installed earlier. This should now pick up
your IPOD - you can now factory rest it. this will format the IPOD and prepare it for use with Itunes. The little
light on the top should change from amber to green to indicate it is now ready for use.
* Download the latest Itunes software from the apple site. install. when installed it should start straight away if
you have the ipod still connected to the computer.
* Itunes will detect the ipod and you can now proceed to set up your ipod for use in itunes.

***** once the factory settings have been set with the reset software, the ipod will no longer be detected in
the my computer folder.

I hope this was of some help to you.

need any help drop a message here and I'll try to help.
Thank you
SP3 = Service Pack 3
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If you run XP try removing SP3, it causes alot of problems with Plug and Play, removing it will get rid of this problem and the odds are will allow your ipod to be recognized by your computer.
kjgutcvuoljkvtyh rfuy - May 30, 2010 at 04:06 AM
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Im having the same problem and no-one is responding to the questions! When I plug my ipod shuffle in after the battery had ran out, it is not detected , it will not charge, it wont turn on, NOTHING! It has started to annoy me now and nobody has an answer. :( PLEASE HELP US! x
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use a freinds cord or buy a new one if that dosent work down load ipod acces and use it inste dof itunes
ethan fazekas - Apr 26, 2010 at 04:08 PM
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how do I set up my device to download music to the ipode shuffle from media player with sync.