IPod Nano 4th Gen problem

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I have a problem with my iPod nano 4th gen.... My PC does not pick up the iPod and the safely remove hardware icon does not appear either.... Please Please HELP ME!!!

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ok I had the same prob. as u did, but 2 unfreeze it you turn the ipod off (if u can ) but if not make shure to hold the center and menue button at the exact same time, wait. after about 5 sec. the apple logo will apear let go of the bouttons. the logo will stay there for a few secounds. u may need to repet theese steps a few times.

i hope this helps!
c ya,
Thank you

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thank you for this tip, it worked fine for me too!!
OMG!!! thank you so much it worked!!!
thank u so much
My iPod 4th gen is not working and completely switch off Pl Help....
i had the same problem and my iPod froze on the same day I bought it - it wouldnt do anything so what I did was looked in the little booklet thing they gave me and it said that you have to flick the little hold button on and off again and then you - hold the centre button and the menu button down together for about 6 seconds and then the apple icon will come up. then it gets you to select your laungage again but then when you go back to your menu - all your songs, movies and photo's are still there so you wont lose anything :) - hope that helps you! Leonie x
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If you are using windows, you will have to use itunes

For the icon problem use this tip:

http://ccm.net/faq/sujet 2501 safely remove hardware icon lost
Hey, thnx... dat really worked!!! :D
My 4th generation ipod juss froze I cant get it to work or anything!!: [ plz help plzplzplzplz!!
ok, if u dont have ur ipod instruction booklet, do this:
turn hold switch on the off, the hold the menu button and center button til apple logo appears
This happened 2 me but then it worked the day after without me doing anything. b patient!
when I hold the center button and choose start genuis it shows a message (( connect to the itunes to activate genuis)) plz help me
I have the same problem with the same ipod. I went to the apple store and talked to the guy. He held the back of my Ipod to his ear (you can hear a ticking) and then patted the Ipod in his hands like a deck of cards. And that fixed it, (for awhile) its locked up on me again. This time I think there is no hope. He said that my hard drive was giving out from me running with it and it getting knocked around. So Im thinking about upgrading and getting a shuffle to run with.
is ipod nano 4th gen or ipod touch is better um really donot know but my ipod nano it's lcd is burned by itself :S:S
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hello, I have a ipod nano and it has 8gb. I put music on it and it will register 645mb. Please help
this had happened to me you press the menu button and the one on the center hold on to it and BOMB your ipod works
same problem it started when I dropped my ipod (with a plastic case) but it wasn't that much of a drop maybe 20cm. I picked it up the music was still going except everything was frozen. I did the menu+enter button thing but nothing happened just a white screen. um prior to this I only dropped it twice, last time I did the restart thing and it worked. help?
Hold the center button and Menu-button for ca. 5 seconds.