Ipod will not restore

Debbie - Jun 18, 2009 at 07:43 AM
 Hamed - Jan 29, 2014 at 06:17 PM
all my ipod tunes that I had were erased from my ipod when I went to recharge battery. I had recently updated to the newest ipod service, and noticed this happening. When I go to restore it, it just continues to ask me to restore it, after I do it. It just keeps circling around and never restores it. What can I do about it. I have windows, and do not own a mac computer.

Thanks for any help

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go online and download quickpwn and run the program. Once the program has recognized your ipod click next until you get to the screen where it tells you to wait while your ipod is put into recovery mode. You will have to do this manually(turn your ipod off completely and unplug your ipod and hold down the home button while plugging your ipod in keep holding the button until you see the itunes logo and usb cord on the screen). Then Just follow the directions given in the screen. Good Luck
hey man u rock!! u where right!
I was getting so frustrated and this totally worked! Thank you!
can you post the link that has the download? I went to quickpwn.com and I couldn't find anything about ipod recovery.
same. which one do we download? My iPod is my life help me out please!!
where do I find quickpwn? and how do I use it?
My itunes would freeze up everytime I plugged my ipod in. Then, it erased all the contents of my ipod. The ipod displayed a grey screen that said ' use itunes to restore. ' I plugged in the ipod to the back usb port, and opened ituned. The ipod lcd screen says ' Do Not disconnect' and has a flashing black circle with a line through it, and when I open itunes, it doesn't even recognize the ipod. Please help.
DL quickpwn from here :

Hold the top and bottom centre buttons till it turns off but keep holding them when the apple shows up take your finger off the top button keep your finger on the bottom centre button and wait and wait till you get the thing that shows plug your ipod into itunes.