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Wednesday November 27, 2019
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November 27, 2019
 Kit -
My laptop is on but screen goes black and then I touch key and it turns on again.
Thank you for any help. Just don't have the money for a new laptop. It is a Lenevo Thank Pad.

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Monday November 25, 2019
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January 16, 2021
Hi Kitgill,

Try these troubleshooting tips:

1) When the black screen appears, press the power button and turn your computer off. Hold the shift+F8 keys and then press the power button again. Hold shift+F8 until you see the message 'Please Wait' displayed on your screen. You should now see a recovery screen. If you see a black screen again, retry these steps.

2) Once on the recovery screen, select See advanced repair options, then Troubleshoot, Startup Settings and Restart. Your computer should now reboot to the Startup Settings screen. Select Enable Safe Mode. It will reboot and allow you to log into Safe Mode.

3) Open the start menu and search for Device Manager. Expand the 'Display adapters' tab and right-click on your graphics card. Select uninstall and follow the prompts to complete the uninstall. Restart your PC and attempt to log in normally. If your device continues to display a black screen, contact your manufacturer.

Thank you
Aoife McCambridge

Content Editor and Community Manager -

Hi I don't know what I did but whatever I tried to go to safe boot and a screen popped up with my old hotmail account and I can't remember the password and now it is frozen on this simple screen that has my name, email and 3 little icons on bottom right and I can't get anywhere.

Can you tell me how to get out of it?


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