Acer Extensa 2508 laptop flickers when starting [Closed]

 Nigel -
Hello, I have a problem. My Acer Extensa laptop flickers when starting. I don't know what the problem is, it started after Windows upgrade to Windows 10. Any solution? Please help. Thanks.

System Configuration: Windows Phone / IEMobile 11.0

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It a constant flicker or just once? Perhaps it is the screen adjusting to new resolution?
It flickers every time I start or restart the PC.
Does it stop? It sounds like the monitor is setting the video resolution.

It flickers on starting or restating. This is what happened:

I installed Windows 10 Pro. It was failing to restart when I download and install new applications. Then later on, the pointer of touchpad disappeared, then I fixed it, it's now working. Then I changed and installed Windows 10 32 bit, that's when the flickering issue started. I then installed Windows 10 64 bit, still it's flickering. Then I installed Windows 8.1 Pro, but still it flickered. Then I reinstalled Windows 10 64 bit, which I'm currently using now, and it flickers still.

It flickers when starting, it flashes 2 times, then after that it works fine.

Please help me with this issue in solving it, I've tried all I can. I want it to run normalyy and smoothly.

It is the new video drivers setting the resolution. Change the video resolution to a lower setting, or deal with it.
Hello there,

Thanks very much for the response. Now, how do I do the settings?
Right click over windows key, select settings. Now select system. Scroll down until you see resolution. Turn it down to the lowest setting. Restart. If it blinks, then you can either try another setting, or see if your video driver needs updated. In that case, when you select updates, be certain to get updates for other products when when downloading the os updates. It is a checkbox in updates.

Thanks for the response, I understood. Now let me try the settings and guides you've provided, then I'll come back to you with the results.

I did the resolution settings, but it didn't work! So what should I do next?
Look on you pc manufacturer website for updated drivers for the video card.
> LamoIdiot5
I looked, and their website says this:
"After upgrading to Windows 10, if there are any drivers that haven't been installed, please run Windows Update to install the appropriate drivers."

Here is the link to the drivers for your machine. Try the VGA driver.;-;

Thanks for the response. Thanks also for the link to the Acer drivers. Something also I didn't mention is that this machine came with Windows 8.1 64 bit installed, so the shop at which I bought reinstalled Windows 10 64 bit. So is it possible to continue using Windows 10, or I should install the specific OS for the machine?

I've downloaded the drivers. The file is a zipped file, so I've unzipped it and came up so many files. Now I don't know which one to install. Please help.

There is an "installation Readme.Txt" for instructions. When you read this document, you get the instructions set of:

Microsoft Windows* "Setup.exe" Installation

1. Locate the hard drive directory where the driver files are stored
using the browser or the Explore feature of Windows*.

2. From this directory, double-click the "Setup.exe" file.

3. The first dialog of the installation user interface will appear.
By default, a checkbox is selected to automatically run WinSAT
and enable the Windows Aero desktop theme (if supported).
Deselect the checkbox if this support should be turned off.

4. Click "Next" to continue.

5. Read the License Agreement and, if you agree with the terms,
click "Yes" to proceed.

6. Review the Readme File information and click "Next" to proceed.

7. When the "Setup Progress" is complete, click "Next" to proceed.

8. When the "Setup is Complete" screen appears, click "Finish" to
complete the installation.

Good Luck. I hope I have helped.

Thanks very much for the reply, it was helpful. I installed the drivers, it showed the message that the drivers are old, but I installed anyway. But the screen is keep on flickering. Please help me, I want this issue to be fixed, please help me, what should I do next?
You mention that you loaded a 32 bit version, but is your CPU a 64?
Yes, and I just checked it's 64 bit Operating System, x64-based processor. Yes I downloaded a 32 bit by mistake and installed it, that's when the flickering started.
Although a 64 bit will run a 32, it is best for system performance ,(THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING IS PERFORMANCE ISSUES BECAUSE IT STILL RUNS BUT NOT QUITE RIGHT), to use a 64 os on a 64 CPU. That is going to be my best answer.
Hello there, thanks for the response.

So which OS should I use for it to run properly... A 32 bit or a 64 bit?
Does it mean I should remove the 64 bit and install the 32 bit, because I'm using 64 bit.
I guess I am confused, as you stated that you installed the 32 "which is when the flickering started".

"Yes I downloaded a 32 bit by mistake and installed it, that's when the flickering started."

Let me explain what happened. My PC deleted all the application setups, then I installed Windows 10 Pro, which had problems with failing to restart.

After that I tried a new OS. That's when I downloaded Windows 10 32 bit by mistake and installed it, that's when it started the flickering problem. I then installed Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit, still it was flickering. Then I reinstalled the Windows 10 64 bit which I downloaded on the internet, still it is flickering... till today. This is what happened.

Please help me, I really don't know where the problem is.

Thanks, I hope I've explained how all this happened. Please feel free to ask more questions on the issue in troubleshooting this PC.

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