Can't get emails sent to my old account

 Hamza -
Hi, I am having troubles accessing my old mail account it seems that the account got deleted or something
I tried recreating the account but I could only choose a email. Now when I write my email and my password I can log in into the new account that I created which is the account.
The problem is that I have an old facebook account linked to the email but I can't get any emails sent to the account so I can't get my verification code.
Is there any way to configure a sort of email forwoarding so I can get emails from my old account?
Thanks in advance.

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Hello there, here is an article on how to recover your yahoo mail account.

Unfortunately to be able to forward mails from your old account, you would need to have access to your account to do so.

If you manage to reconnect,here is an article how to enable email forwarding with your Yahoo mail account.

Good luck.
Hello David, thank you for your reply
I tried recovering my email but I get redirected to the new email (
It seems that I can't recover the address :/

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