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i carnt open my removable disk every time i double click it it says "please insert a disk into drive f " but you dont need one with an r4 because it should be drag and drop please can you help me

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I am having the exact same problem! >.<

When it says "Please insert a disk into drive F" it doesn't necessarily mean a CD, it means any form of media. I don't think my card is damaged, it works perfectly on the DS, and plays my files. But I keep getting that error when I use the USB MicroSD adapter. My card reader is broke, so I can't use the SD adapter.
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If you have the sd card slot you can use the other thinner sd card shaped adapter that came with it or you'll just have to buy another usb micro sd adapter. Don't worry though the micro sd cards fine same thing happened to me so I used the other sd adapter!