Usb not recognized on my pc

natahim - Dec 8, 2020 at 09:43 PM
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I used a code on command prompt chkdsk E:/f but it reply's cant open by direct access

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Dec 9, 2020 at 06:12 AM
Are you getting a “USB device not recognized” error whenever you plug in a USB mouse, keyboard, camera, or other device? I can’t live without USB ports and currently have 5 ports on my computer so that I can connect my mouse, keyboard, camera, phone, and printer to it all at once!
Method 1 – Unplug Computer

So how did I finally fix the problem? Well, if you are lucky, it’s a super simple solution! Try this method first and if it works, you’ll have saved a lot of time.

Simply unplug your computer from the power supply. Yes that is it! Note that this does not mean just turning off your computer using the power button because most modern computers don’t actually turn off completely and the motherboard will still get power. This is useful sometimes if you want to remotely wake up a computer, etc.

The motherboard is where all of hardware of the computer connects to, including the USB ports. Sometimes the motherboard needs to be “rebooted” because things can go wrong, i.e. all or some USB ports suddenly stop working. The small microprocessor on the motherboard will reload the drivers and your USB ports should hopefully be recognizing devices again.

So first turn off your computer using the Shut Down option in Windows or pressing the power button and then UNPLUG the PC from the wall outlet. Let it sit for several minutes and then plug it back in.
Method 2 – Restart & Disconnect USB Devices

The next thing you can try is to disconnect all USB devices and then restart the machine. once you have restarted, try to connect the USB device that was causing the problem.

If that particular USB port doesn’t recognize it, try another one. If the device is recognized by a different USB port, there could be a hardware problem with one of the USB ports. If no USB port recognizes the device, then keep reading because it’s probably something else.
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Dec 31, 2020 at 03:12 AM
There can be many reasons behind “cannot open volume for direct access” issue below find the most common cause for your reference.

Disk drive on which you are performing CHKDSK is corrupted
The disk is physically damaged
The drive has dust, dirt on it
That disk might be locked by third-party software
Windows version doesn’t have the latest service pack installed

Check if the above-listed issue your drive has and try to fix it.

In case if you already fixed these issues still your drive is showing the same error then I suggest you to perform a clean boot and then run CHKDSK utility.