Ps3 keeps signng me out router all ok

 marty -
ps3 keeps signing me out have had my router checked and is all ok . but still signing in and about 30mins signs me out again this has been like this for about a week now help me please

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I have the same problem, does it give error code 8007AD23?? if so you are out of luck because no one seems to no how to fix this

playstation network is down for 3 days
23rd 24th 25th

its not totally ou of sevice
but some may have problems

it could be due to a conflict. if you're using a laptop or another product that needs to be conected to your WiFi then it will cause a conflict in the IP because it's trying to spit the IP between the products and it can't cope. i've been having the same problem since i gave my old ps3 to my sister