Unlock external hard drive, lost password. trying not to loose files

Dibo - Jun 23, 2021 at 06:50 PM
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I forgot my external hard drive password. Is there any way to unlock it with out erasing it. Don't want to loose the files.

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As per my experience, there is no perfect way to retrieve your HDD password. The only resort I know is, you can format it, but you can’t get into it and recover your data. Also, there are some HDD unlocker tools available you can try your luck with such tools. You can search on Google for drive password recovery tool and take down some tools which can meet your requirement.

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Apr 12, 2022 at 05:56 AM
A hard drive with password protection must be a securer location for information storage. Follow the three simple steps to encrypt your hard drive.
Unlock it Using a Master Password
A powerful way to unlock your password-protected drive.

Steps to follow:
Run it
Select locked drive
Type the command: ID
A message will be displayed if it is locked
Type Unlock
Press Enter
Enter 1 to use the Master password
It will give you 5 chances to enter the password
If you succeed, that’s well and good! However, if you fail, re-power it and attempt again.
Now, once you are done type DISPWD
Press Enter
Again select the master password and enter’1’
Enter the password again, and the process is complete!

2. Unlock using Firmware Update Tool

It is an attempt to unlock the drive by applying an update.

Now, that you have unlocked the password-protected hard drive, you can easily recover the lost/deleted or inaccessible data using cutting-edge software.

Avoid Blind Selection to Protect Data from Further Damage

The data recovery market is evolving at a fast pace. On a daily basis, tens of thousands of recovery software tools add to this list. Some of these options are reliable while others are not authentic Thereby, blindly selecting any random recovery software will further aggravate the data loss situation.