Not receiving security code on Instagram?

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August 2, 2021
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 drenusha123 - Nov 29, 2021 at 05:11 AM
Hi I’m trying to log back into my Instagram account I accidentally deleted my Authenticator key that was generating codes and I don’t have backup codes. I’ve clicked on forgotten password and reset it through an email I received. However it then takes me to a screen asking me to enter a code that was sent to my phone number ending in ****, which I can confirm the number is correct however I’m not receiving any sms or code? I’ve checked my blocked contacts and turned SMS messaging on etc. but still nothing. I’ve also tried submitting a request for support and had to send a photo of me holding a piece of paper with a code they sent me in my emails, plus my full name and username. They then send an email back saying that they’ve turned off Two-Factor Authentication and that I should be able to log back in, but when I try it still asks for an authentication code from my authentication app? This is incredibly frustrating as it seems like I’m just going in circles now. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thank you

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Aug 2, 2021 at 02:26 PM

It seems that you're stuck with the account recovery. Unfortunately, Instagram has no way to contact them to let them know that you're facing to that kind of issue.

If you've linked your Instagram account with your Facebook account, you can try using it to request a recovery code. Otherwise, try the steps described on the Instagram Help Center.

Alternatively, try logging in from different devices. If you're using the app, try with the website and vice-versa. If you still can't login, perform the recovery steps on those devices.

Good luck
I am facing the same issue, but with a different situation. My two factor authentication was already turned off from before because i was facing same issue not receiving the security code. However, recently i logged in from another device and Instagram noticed unusual activity and automatically disabled my account. Now I try to log in and the only way is asking is to follow the screen instructions which is the only option the "security code". The number i am using is the same, even when I previously had a different phone I was never able to receive security codes from Instagram, now i have new device again same problem. Even though i can receive security codes from all other apps and platforms, excluding IG.

I have tried to fix my SMS career settings, tried logging in from the web, uninstalling and installing the app and nothing seems to work. I have as well sent an email to Facebook Support, as they asked to share a photo of me including my username, the code, and full name but there has been no response. So Basically i am stuck in a loop and cant find anything that works for me.

If you have the same issue, or if there is any way that worked for you please let me know.

Much appreciated..