Macro to automatically update a master sheet from multiple sheets

Monu - Nov 30, 2021 at 11:51 AM
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I have a file with a master sheet and 6 different individual sheets. Each sheet is considered a project. It includes person's information and the amount of work completed by that person for that particular project. Whenever someone adds new rows to the other project sheets, it also has to be added to the master sheet. The master file includes individual names in column A (no duplicates) and project names in 6 other columns. Each project represents each individual sheet. A person might work for more than one project. I added xlookup formula to the master sheet, so that whenever I enter a new person to the individual project sheet as well to the master, all the data is auto-populated based on the formula. All I need is a macro that I can autopopulate all the columns related to that individual when new rows/persons are added to the sheets. Can anyone please help?
System Configuration: Windows / Edge 95.0.1020.44

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Thank you so much Trowa! The code seems to work exactly the way I wanted. I have never seen such an amazing talent. Thank you for all that you do to help people with their queries.
Happy new year!!