Using my sony bravia tv as a second monitor

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every time I try to hook up my hp laptop to my sony bravia tv it says invalid format see it when the computer boots up but then goes blank how do I change the format

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I have a Bravia KDL-40W3000, which is almost 2 years old, & I've been able to use it as a full HD (1920x1080) monitor on my Dell Inspiron laptop via a VGA cable. It was tricky to get it set up, though, and the 1st VGA cable I tried did not have a full complement of pins and didn't work. Once I got it set up, every time I connect the laptop it defaults to the full HD resolution. Check which resolutions the video card in your HP can support.
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Thank you Dummy! I would like to buy you a drink!! Your solution is the only one that worked!!
dude thank you so much. I have been looking everywhere and yours was the only one that worked. thanks soo much
Thanks!! Searched days for a solution and this really works!!
Right on the money Kenyan man!
is there a way to increase Sony TV resolution to 1920x1080?? A driver or something??
Correction : 1024 x 768 pixels.
That worked for me as well... had the same VGA hook-up promblem is that when I hit F8 keys to switch monitor I cant seem to get the notebook and TV on with icons at the same time.
I just tried it and mine does not work. Im using Windows Vista and a dell XPS so, do you know anything else that could help? oh and by the way. Im still getting the Invalid format at the bottom right
If the TV or Monitor is saying Invalid Format then it is receiving a signal, but it's not the right resolution. To change the resolution, go to your control Panel> then go to Display> go to the settings tab in Display> then choose the lowest resolution. You should be able to get a signal using the lowest resolution. Once you are able to get a signal you can try choosing higher resolutions until you get the invalid format again. The resolution that you choose before you get the "Invalid Format" message is the highest that your TV or Monitor can use. I Hope this helps.

If you are using a laptop and you are not getting a signal at all, it's because you have not commaded your computer to use multiple moitors or a monitor other than your laptop screen. To do this, there should be a "Fn" button somewhere on your keyboard (mine is on the bottom left corner). "Fn" combined with the button that switches monitors (usually "F4") should transfer your screen to the additional monitor. Good luck.
I've got a macbook pro and a sony bravia hdtv, i've connected the mini adaptor to dvi and dvi to hdmi cable to connect to the tv, it seems to connect fine but I only get a still picture of my background on the tv screen, ive been to settings to adjust the format but that does not seem to work can anybody suggest anything?
Iv got the same problem if u lower the size that you can see the screen but it just gets croped ?
why does my tv show Invalid Format when I use vga split to display my desktop and TV at same time?
you need to change the resolution on ur computer I had the same problem then tried to change the resolution and it worked. My Sony won't accept a resolution over 10204 x 768 pixels. hope that helps ya
thanks mel it worked perfectly
THanks Mell, great post!!! IT really helped me, I only have to buy wires for audio and thats it ! a big computer screen :))))))
hey, I have tried looking in the manual and everything but changing the resolution. can u tell me to do this plz as soon as possible.
its a computer setting, not the tv setting. go to control panel, display, and you should be able to go from there.
i am trying all the seggestions and nothing works. PLease help
just lower the resolution on your control panel in the display section , that should help ya
Can I watch TV and use my laptop at the same time once I hook the cable
If your tv supports p<p you can.
i hook my hp laptop up to my sony bravia lcd tv all the time. you most likely need to right click your laptop home screen and click on resolution and you will see waht to do. you can tell it to show on both screens or just show on one. hope that helps