How do i recover a gmail account if i cannot contact google?

Anonymous User - Jan 13, 2022 at 01:28 AM
 Anonymous User - Jan 15, 2022 at 08:14 PM
i have been locked out of my account without an explanation.there was no email or anything... i tried to log in but it says ¨Google doesn’t provide another way to sign in to this account. Contact your admin for help¨. if this is because i was not active then there is a mistake since i could not access the account in the first place after switching schools. i had this account since 2015 or 2016.emails cannot be received to my new account which is why i need this account or else there is NO way to get emails. by the way because all my friends are in a different school district i cannot send them emails from my new account. so my old account is the ONLY contact i have with them since they don´t have social media or anything else to contact. google wont allow me to access my account so CLEARLY i could not protect it before it was deleted. THIS IS GOOGLE´S FAULT NOT MINE. i cannot contact google because i cannot complete the steps to do so. THE ONLY WAY TO GET THIS FIXED IS TO CONTACT GOOGLE DIRECTLY. all the recovery steps will NOT help my situation..i have tried many times and it is impossible to pass ¨google does not provide another way to sign in¨.i will not be making a new account because it will not recover the lost emails. i had virtual gift cards on that account that is NON REFUNDABLE or exchange or be able to returned regardless of the situation. if i cannot get this situation fixed then i have to stop using all accounts and anything related to google. the account may have been disabled over a year ago. why does all my accounts on every website or platform is restricted or banned for absolutely no reason? this has happened on Ebay,Poshmark,goodwill,facebook without explanation,.obviously i have not violated the rules so clearly i would consider this to be harassment.

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According to your description, you've a Google Workspace account. I suggest that you try contacting directly the admin of the school to which you had that Google account. Only them should be able to help you to regain access to it.

Good luck
Anonymous User
Jan 14, 2022 at 09:19 AM
i dot have access to google i said before i cannot contact anyone because the account has already been disabled. GOOGLE IS THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP...the account has already been disabled so clearly your answer is impossible.. this is how i know you didnt actually read the question