What are the best recovery software to use for my Business?

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I would love it if someone could help me know which is the best data recovery software I can use for my business. I am not looking for an expensive solution but not too cheap as well.

If there are good open-source tools available that maintain industry standards then I am open to that as well.

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Well if you are looking to recovery software which help you in the recovery of photos, videos and audio file the you should try a software called photos recovery.

It a great software to recovery your data if the data type is photos , videos, and audio files.
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According to me, data recovery is safe or not completely depending upon the software that you are using. In the market, there are various data recovery software companies available but you should check if the software is from a renowned company, trustworthy, reliable. An authentic and Professional software always comes with security. License, refund policies if in case data is not recovered and technical assistance in case of any help.

If you are completely unaware of what to do if you are faced with data loss stop using the hit & trial method otherwise if overwritten happens then chances of recovery are very less.

You can check the FREE Versions of the software as well which helps you to get an idea of how the software works. You can check Stellar Data recovery, Ease us once. I had used their software for data recovery my experience was good.
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For those who work professionally on a computer, the loss of valuable information can be their worst nightmare. Various situations can lead to data loss. It can be a malfunction caused by damaged hardware or files accidentally deleted by the user. If you have a backup of your data, there is no need to worry. Most users, especially on home computers, don't bother creating backups. You have to turn to tools in the form of Windows hard drive information recovery programs. They will help you recover your files.