Windows Install error Dell Inspiron 20 3052

Byrdpersona - Apr 5, 2022 at 02:26 AM
 Blocked Profile - Sep 19, 2022 at 09:40 AM
Hello, I have tried to reinstall W11 on my Inspiron 20 3052 after start up starts about 10 seconds Into it error pops. Saying due to interruption W11 could not install press any key to restart the installation. However it keeps going to this message F8 just does a memory dump and f11 just shows me the error codes from a epca test. Anyone have any ideas?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 100.0.4896.58

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Well what the exact error code you are getting if you can share a screen short of the error code that will be great. So that I can help you in fixing the error.
Blocked Profile
Sep 19, 2022 at 09:40 AM

I cant see the windows logo. No error messages. Still stuck on dell logo screen.

I reset recently the PC before the problem.

Pressing F5 didnt help too.