I need some real answers

matthew - Apr 19, 2022 at 01:24 AM
 matthew - Apr 19, 2022 at 10:53 PM
I'm really tired of asking for help and then people replying with complete garbage acting like I am supposed to know anything they're talking about.. I need real answers not this repeated crap everyone cookie cutters.

Ok so here is the deal.
I am having so many problems with Instagram because there is literally no real tutorials on how to use anything in it.

For example no one has explained what exactly a hash tag is..The usual reply is it helps people find you which is not answering the question of WHAT IS IT.

Furthermore if people are going to talk about hashtags how about explaining how you can even type a hashtag into Instagram to begin with..Also just because you can type it somewhere means nothing because there isn't a single place on the net that shows a hashtag getting used from an account the hashtag isn't on. Someone needs to make a video with voice narration not only showing a hashtag being put into an Instagram account, but also using another account showing what exactly is happening. People need to actually SHOW a hashtag being used.

Iphone users get all sorts of options that android users do not get for example Android users do not have any stickers. Stickers are something only iphone users were given. Furthermore having a sticker that says the word youtube on it isn't a link to youtube, in fact it's nothing. A real link to youtube will actually have the link itself posted, not the sticker crap.

Instagram doesn't allow links so people saying link in BIO or showing a story that has a picture of the word youtube on another picture and saying that's a link, is ridiculous.

What does the tag person option actually supposed to do? saying it notifies a person you tagged or something like that but that isn't what I'm asking.

I'm asking what is supposed to be happening, again, saying it notifies the person you tagged isn't what I'm asking.

Instagram is too complex and doesn't have any real tutorials

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Apr 19, 2022 at 01:30 PM

Hashtags are keywords placed after the hash sign - for example #CCM is a hashtag. They're inserted in the description of an Instagram post and are relevant to its content. Hashtags allow posts to be easily searched on Instagram based on a theme or subject and can help to find similar posts.

If you see posts related to computers, you'll see the hashtags #PC or #Computer most often in those posts. Hashtags are like labels that you use to categorize your emails in your mailbox. This is the same thing to categorize posts on Instagram.

To find posts related to a specific keyword on Instagram, you can do a quick search in the search bar by typing a hashtag. If your own Instagram post is related to a specific theme, then insert in its description one or more hashtags associated with that theme to gain visibility in the search results.

Instagram link stickers are now available for everyone, with more or less than 10k followers. Tap on a sticker to access the linked page or website. If they don't work for you, the best way to fix the issue is to update your Instagram app to the latest version available. Alternatively, delete and reinstall the app or restart your phone.

Tagging someone is basically used when a person appears in a photo you share in order to identify them in it. When your followers or visitors will see your post containing that photo, the tag will appear so they will know who it is. A tag is the username associated to the Instagram account of the tagged person.

Hope this helps.
It doesn't help in the slightest because you like everyone else, you posted a whole wall of text and said absolutely nothing.

First of all hashtags are not a thing on Instagram I don't know why people keep saying that. You cannot SEARCH Instagram for hashtags because hashtags cannot be entered in anywhere which means you cannot search for them. The search function in Instagram only allows to search USER or ACCOUNT names.

I've been asking for anyone to provide a real video tutorial showing what people keep talking about with hashtags and instead of a real tutorial, all I get is word nonsense.

How about for once someone actually make a video tutorial not only showing a hashtag being entered in where ever it gets entered, but also showing what exactly the purpose of doing it is for by going to another account and showing how it helps or works.

Tagging someone does absolutely nothing. I tested this by tagging myself in my own photo from my wife's phone, and nothing happened. So unless someone makes a real tutorial in video format showing exactly what a tag is doing or is supposed to do, it's useless repeating the same crap everyone else already has that doesn't explain anything.

As far as the Link sticker, instead of just typing sentences, how about you actually start asking questions before posting for example..are you aware that android users do not even have half the options in Instagram iphone users do? If you had known that, you wouldn't have bothered writing anything about what you did because what you posted doesn't applly to android users..So why didn't you ask that and just assume Stickers and things work for everyone?

So forget about the link sticker, Android users don't have any stickers, gif's, music, and several other things. On top of that you cannot put links anywhere in Instagram, because Instagram doesn't allow links and everyone knows that. So I have no idea why people just go on posting and assuming without asking important questions and saying to do things Instagram doesn't even allow.

There are thousands of android users who complain about iphone getting options for all sorts of apps that aren't given to Android users. Insta360 is one such company guilty of doing that.