Pictured on chat not possibile to open

Piotr - Jun 14, 2022 at 05:40 AM
 Piotr - Jun 14, 2022 at 10:12 AM
I have installed whatsup on news phone. I have inserted SIM card to new phone. After confirmation phone number by code received by SMS i have been asked if I wany to download multimedia connected to cats history. I answered yes. While uploading chat history my battery goes to 15% which was show by notification grom phone and the same time whatsup shows that uploading chat backup and media backup is Holder. I connected charger and immediately notification from whatsup dissapeared.
After i go to chats when i tried to open some pictures received kong time ago i have received info that media does no longer exist. Is it because backup process whas interrupted by low battery or those pictures was just not backuped and that is why i can not open it? I know that some pictures i have sent and deleted from phone was not available on chat but i do not know how IT work with pictures I have received. But unfortunetely i panicked and I create new backup from new phone which overwrite backup from old phone on google driver so I can not check if previos backup contains those missing pictures?
If i have not uploaded to new phone all media by interrupted uploading backup and create new backup does it delete media from previos backup?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome

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Some pictures which was not available before starts appear
Comment about holding uploading backup looks like two arrows closed in circle shape