How to start a group chat: on Facebook, Messenger

How to start a group chat: on Facebook, Messenger

If you'd like to create a group chat to facilitate a conversation between multiple users, Facebook Messenger offers a very easy way to do so. Depending on the platform that you're using (mobile users cannot participate in chats using the Facebook application), there are several ways that you can go about creating a group chat. This article will walk you through both methods.

How to create a group chat on Facebook?

  • Click on the message icon in Facebook and open the conversation or create a new one.
  • At the top of the chat, type the name of the users you'd like to invite.
  • Then, type your message and hit Send.

How to create a group chat on the Facebook Messenger app?

  • Sign in to Facebook Messenger, and then go to your Chats.
  • Select the pencil button and enter the name of each person you'd like to invite to this group chat.
  • Finally, type your message and click on Send.

How to add a name to your group chat?

  • Click the group chat you'd like to name.
  • Click the downward facing arrow next to its name and select Conversation Name.
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  • Type the name in the new window (it shouldn't be longer than 500 symbols)
  • Click Save to apply the changes.
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